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Apt proxy

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ cat /etc/apt/apt.conf Acquire::http::Proxy "";

Vim vs. Emacs

Using both Vim and Emacs for quite a bit of time I have finally made a decision what editor to stick to. I started with Emacs, but gave Vim a try and it really satisfied me. And here are the points relevant for me: - It is deliciously easy to make key mappings in Vim. - Vim color schemes work both in GUI and console. - Vim config works almost identically for both GUI and console. - Sessions in Vim are much better stored than in Emacs (I mean, even tabs and windows are saved along with whole the environment, not only buffers). - By default Emacs lacks modality and this is the biggest disadvantage. Default keybindings on Emacs are just horrible (even physically painful, to be honest), I really see no reason for this complexity over simplicity given by modality. - Even on my MacBook Pro with 8 GB RAM Emacs happens to be slow somehow. - Vim has tabs out of box. A small number of tabs is not evil, when you have kind of 50 buffers open :) However, there are things I definitely l